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Certificates of Deposit

Merchants and Farmers Bank offers a wide range of certificate of deposit investment options. You will have a guaranteed fixed rate of interest for a specific time period by purchasing a certificate of deposit. Terms vary from 32 days to 30 months with a minimum $ 500.00 opening deposit. Interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Federal law requires a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.


A comfortable retirement begins with a solid strategy. Merchants and Farmers Bank offers Individual Retirement Accounts that allow your earnings to grow tax-free or tax deferred while providing substantial savings for your retirement years.

You may choose a fixed or variable rate of interest with a minimum deposit of $ 500.00.

Traditional IRA

Contributions are fully tax-deductible if you meet IRS eligibility guidelines     (see your tax advisor to see if you qualify)
Earnings grow tax-deferred


No age limit for contributions
Earnings are tax free if you meet IRS eligibility guidelines (see your tax     advisor to see if you qualify)


Formerly Education IRA
Designated beneficiary must be under the age of 18.
$ 2,000.00 maximum contribution
No penalty for early withdrawal if used for qualified education expense     including elementary and secondary schools.
See your tax advisor for IRS eligibility guidelines


If you have changed jobs or have a 401(k) from a previous employer you may want to consider rolling over your retirement assets into a Merchants and Farmers Bank Rollover IRA.

A Rollover IRA allows you to make investment decisions for your assets rather than being limited to your previous employer’s options and avoids the IRS penalty that you would have to pay for taking a cash distribution.

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